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By partnering with us, you’ll be working with a world-class Early Education hub that provides it's clients with the tools they want for supporting their teaching now, and in the future. We are so excited you are here!

As an affiliate you are part of an elite group of individuals who can literally impact the world with the vision of empowering early educators to be the best version of themselves!

As you promote our products, invest back into your personal bank with the money you’ll receive from referring people. As an affiliate you will now receive 10% for any new member you sign up for a product. That means, if you sign up one setting  for the Hygge in Early Years Accreditation, you will make around £50 Imagine the possibilities! Since you already use and love our products, wouldn’t you want to make money sharing it with your audience?


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Partner Payouts

When a signup for a product occurs anytime within a month, whether the 1st day or the last day of the month, we wait for the next full month to make sure the product isn't canceled or refunded. Out of the amount sent to you there will also be the customers payment processing fee taken out. Payment will then be sent to you via Paypal.

Please note that you may need to declare any additional income made from affiliate sales on your annual tax return. 


As you will be working as an affiliate you will need to comply with the Advertising Standards Agency by making those you share your links with aware that it is an ad. 


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What happens after I complete the application?

Inside the affiliate portal there are unique product links for you. Every time you share one of your unique links on your website, email or through social media and someone clicks on it to make a purchase you will receive 10% of the purchase amount!

Isn't that just fab!

Even better, make more sales and earn more money with our rewards system!


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