Hygge in the Early Years Online Conference

25th November 2023

"Bringing Fun into your Learning Through Play and in Nature"

The ultimate Early Years online event coming to your favourite arm chair, sofa or office!




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This Autumn, the ONLY early years event you need to be an OUTSTANDING early educator is online!

Spend the day immersed in our amazing early years community and get the proven strategies and tactics to bring hygge, fun and nature into your teaching.

  • Discover how and why nature is needed in your everyday curriculum and its links to improved wellbeing and mental health
  • Learn how play promotes children’s social, emotional, and intellectual development and why we need even more of it

  • Unlock how you can bring more fun into your day (something that is often missed!) with the children outside
  • Audit fun in your current environment.
  • Support the wellbeing of your team by exploring how to bring Hygge into your home and self care to have more joy
  • Review what moments in childhood do you want to make space for?


Get ready for some very special guests

You'll hear from me, Kimberly, and featured Hygge in the Early Years Members who are implementing what they learned with me, while putting their own spin on it, and seeing an amazing impact! PLUS, there will be some fantastic guest appearances by a few Early Years Specialists and Experts! Our announced line up so far...

Richard Louv

Bestselling author of Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv is also winner of the 2008 Audobon Medal. He is chairman of the Children and Nature Network (www.childrenandnature.org) and honorary co-chair of the National Forum on Children and Nature. He is the author of seven other books and has written for newspapers and magazines including the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Peter Gray

Peter Gray is a research professor of psychology and neuroscience at Boston College who has conducted and published research in behavioral biology, developmental psychology, anthropology, and education. He is author of an internationally acclaimed introductory psychology textbook (Psychology, Worth Publishers, now in its 8th edition), which views all of psychology from an evolutionary perspective. His recent research focuses on the role of play in human evolution and how children educate themselves through play and exploration, when they are free to do so. He has expanded on these ideas in his book, Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life (Basic Books), which has been translated into 18 languages. He also authors a regular blog called Freedom to Learn, for Psychology Today magazine and a Substack series entitled Play Makes Us Human.  He is one of the founders of the nonprofit Alliance for Self-Directed Education and of the nonprofit Let Grow, the mission of which is to renew children’s freedom to play and explore independently of adult control. You can follow him on Facebook and find many of his published articles on his website .

Kimberly Lawson Founder of Hygge in the Early Years™️

Kimberly has a passion for child-led nature-based learning and has worked in Early Years Education for the last 17 years as an early years teacher, leader and trainer. She has worked for the local authority in the quality improvement team, guest lectured at Trinity and Leeds Universities and is a regular conference speaker. She is now the founder of KSEY Consultancy, working with tens of thousands of educators around the world, to improve their wellbeing and quality of teaching through the power of 'Hygge in the Early Years!'. 


U.K Timings

10:00: Kimberly- Welcome 
10:15: Richard Louv: Hygge and the New Nature Movement
11:15: Break
11:30: Kimberly Lawson: Bringing Fun into the Early Years Curriculum 
12:30 Lunch
13:00: Peter Grey: The Value of Play
14:00 Closing

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Discover How To Have More Fun In Your Day

Your Hygge Conference Virtual Ticket Includes:

Access to Incredibly Inspiring International Speakers: Learn how to create an outstanding and inspiring learning environment that meets the needs of your children!

A Peek Inside What Successful Early Educators Are Doing in Their Provision; leading to less challenging behaviour, higher levels of engagement and Outstanding Teaching and Learning. 

The In-Depth Workbooks and Action Plans for each conference session to help you be an action taker!

Plus Bonuses (Ticket Bought Before 12th November 2023) 

  • Mushroom Wanderlust Nature Study 
  • Discounted ticket rate
  • 24 complimentary access to Kimberly's online course Hygge Baby



When you enrol in this conference you will be blown away by what's been created for you...


Finish Session 1? You will have worked with Richard Louv to understand what Nature-Deficit Disorder is and what you can do to connect yourself, children and their families to everyday nature. Which in turn will improve wellbeing, health and happiness.

By The End Of Session 2 you will have worked with Kimberly Lawson to understand practically how you can take fun and add more of it into your curriculum. 

While working with Peter Grey you will remember why we must fight for more play and the value it has on improving mental health for young children. 


You will also see actual practice from childminders, teachers and nursery settings. Helping you understand just what's possible for you! Even if you work on a small budget or out of your own home. 

As you finish the conference you will be excited about your job again and will be ready to review your current provision to make sure it's purposeful and outstanding. 

Each session comes equipped with actionable tools to download and complete.


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Become Immersed in Hygge

Creating the Hygge home and helping you to live well this Autumn/ Winter

Explore ways to make the most of Autumn with your family and friends

Improve your wellbeing and mental health with our top Hygge tips.

Our Last Conference Received Amazing Feedback!

Here are some clips from some of our last conferences

New York Times Best Selling Author of Hygge in the Early Years Meik Wiking shared his secrets to improved happiness.


Helle Heckmann Author of Slow Parenting and Head of Nokken for 25 years.


Here is Sally Founder of Fairy Dust Teacher presenting at our last Hygge in Years Conference.


Frequently Asked Questions

This conference is suitable for all educators working in early childhood education around the world. With international speakers and educators from England, Scotland,Canada, North America and Australia. 

Early Years Educators

Early Years Leaders

Early Years Managers


Pre-School Teachers

Early Years Teachers

Educators working with the Early Years Foundation Stage

Teaching Assistants

Childcare Workers

Primary School Teachers


1. Buy your ticket online.

2. On the 25th November 2023 you can log on and watch the conference videos. You will be able to re-watch the conference for up to 14 days after depending on your ticket type. 

3. Workbooks are available to download and support each session. Along with useful action plans to help you put your ideas into practice and create change.

4. Re-watch and come back to videos for up to 14 days afterwards. 


The conference is pre-recorded and throughout the day on the 25th November 2023 sessions will be released to watch and take part.

If you're not around on the day don't worry! All the sessions will be available to watch and re-watch for up to 14 days (depending on your ticket type) 


A personal development certificate will be available for electronic download once you have watched and taken part in all the sessions. This shows you've completed 10 hours of professional development training. 

The conference is as easy to watch and take part in as it is to watch a video on you tube! Our dedicated help team will also be on hand if you need any assistance in this. 

Don't worry! We understand budgets are tight and many of us have been hit financially with the cost of living crisis. This year we are offering a lower price as well as pricing options. 

Face to face conferences are good for networking and sharing ideas with one another. 

Why not get your team together and create a watch party in your home or setting? 

There will also be the comment feature switched on to allow you to share responses and reflections with others taking part around the world. 

If you have your ticket already you can log on now using your email address to https://www.hyggeintheearlyyears.co.uk/login and head to your library where you will find the conference from the 25h November 2022. 

There is already some preview material and workbooks available in there to help you prepare for the event!

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  • 24 hours access to Hygge Baby (from sign up)
  • Mushroom Nature Study Download
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  • Virtual ticket to the Hygge in the Early Years Conference
  • Watch the conference on the day 25th November until midnight UK time on the 26th November)
  • 24 hours access to Hygge Baby (from sign up)
  • Mushroom Nature Study Download
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  • Virtual ticket to the Hygge in the Early Years Conference
  • Watch the conference on the day 25th November from 10am until midnight 9th December 2023 (UK Time)
  • 24 hours access to Hygge Baby (from sign up)
  • Mushroom Nature Study Download


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