Hygge in the Early Years™️ Accreditation

Inspired by the Danish way of living with more joy, warmth and comfort: HYGGE

This accredited course creates a perfect blend of professional knowledge and development alongside working on your wellbeing and self care. 

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Create Homely and Calm Provision

A collection of modules delivered by Early Years Specialists through a series of short videos and workbooks. Ensuring you take action and feel success. 

Avoid Burnout

Dedicated modules on self care and wellbeing bring more joy to your every day practice. 

Create Nature Infused Provision

Nature is FREE! It allows us to engage with some many learning opportunities. Find out how you can embrace the outdoors!

Become accredited and be a Hygge in the Early Years school, setting or childminder. 

Our carefully created toolbox offers you the perfect blend of professional development that will inspire and move your practice forward while also nurturing both yourself, the children and the team you work with. 

Our journey together will take you and your team through a series of self reflective tasks (available in the handy workbook) to help assess the quality of your teaching, learning and provision. Working through our modules to build on your professional knowledge and make changes to your practice informed by research. 

Alongside this you will be learning how to build a culture in your setting that is built on love, kindness, nurturing and self care. Understanding how you can create elements of the Danish approach to living well known as Hygge . Showing you how to set up cosy and nurturing provision that will improve behaviour. Understand how adopting a love based leadership style will support staff retention, happiness in the workplace which in turn will lead to less sick days!

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How does it work?

The accreditation is broken into 5 modules; 1. Re-balance You 2. Hygge Environment 3. Slow Teaching 4. Nature 5. Lead with Love

  • To avoid overwhelm and to make sure you take action a new module will be released to you each month. 
  • Each of the 5 modules contains a collection of short video classes for you to watch and be inspired by.  You can watch these back over and over again. 
  • Each module will come with it's own downloadable workbook allowing you to clearly see the key points from each lesson and work on the reflective tasks. 
  • As we reach the end of a module you will be able to review your progress by using the Success Path and checking you have hit the milestones. 
  • At the end of the accreditation you will be required. to submit a 500 word reflective statement showing the impact of the work we've done together on your personal and professional life.
  • We understand that time's can get a little busy. We also don't want you to rush through the accreditation process. Therefore we give you two years to complete this. 

What does this include?

  • A series of online video lessons and workbooks to move you through our success path.
  • A welcome gift in the post.
  • A supportive and friendly facebook community.
  • Upon completion a Hygge Accredited Setting Badge and certificate of professional development.
  • 2 Years to complete the award.
  • A free ticket to our yearly face to face Hygge Live
  • 75% off our Spring and Autumn online conference 'Hygge in the Early Years Online Conference.'
  • Multiple log ins to allow access from each member of your team. 


Is this accreditation for you?

  • Do you want to stand out from the early years providers in your area?
  • Are you looking for a nature led approach?
  • Are you wanting to create a home from home cosy environment?
  • Does your learning environment need a new year transformation to improve engagement?
  • Are you struggling with 'disruptive behaviour'? 
  • Do you want to work on your own professional development and knowledge at a time that suits you?
  • Do you need to prioritise your own wellbeing and self care?
  • Are you finding it hard to get the most from your team?
  • Do you find your staff take many sick days?
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Curious What's Possible?

See some powerful stories from my Hygge community. My members have become authors, speakers on Early Years TV and won Early Years Awards! What's stopping you?

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