Wanderlust Nature Study For Babies and Toddlers

Helpful Digital Planning Guide and Training 

Launching April 13th and ready to download then

As educators and parents we have the most wonderful opportunity to support our children to grow up being such nature lovers. Then naturally they will grow up also so protective of the world we live in and doing everything they can to care for it. I'm very fortunate to have spent considerable time in both Scandinavia and Canada and I will bring my experiences of the slower, natural and seasonal way of living to the guide. With opportunities to slow down, dawdle and just take joy in the simple moments. 


I also believe that working with babies and young children is a gift to re-live our own childhood. Seeing and experiencing the world for the first time again and joining in with all these amazing first experiences. Let's not be too busy and over scheduled that we rush through this. 


As a parent and educator (i will now refer to just educator as I believe these terms are the same) I want to share with you some practical ways we can support babies and toddlers to fall in love with the world and take great delight in discovering each season. 

Use this guide simply as that...a guide to support your practice. You can pick it up and dip into in it when and as required or you can use it to structure your time together. 

How to get babies and toddlers outside all year round

  • Quality nature based provision for babies and toddlers
  • Learning through play outside throughout the seasons with play hooks, provocation ideas and schematic support. 
  • Ideas for 'Slow Time' in nature 
  • Two Weekly themes