Hygge Trainers

Would you like hygge training in your area? Here is our list of official hygge trainers available for you to contact.

My name is Wendy Elliot and I live in a beautiful village in Berkshire.  My own journey began over 23 years ago when I had my own children whilst I was working in a busy Human Resources department.   This period of my life made it easy for me to appreciate the stresses of everyday life, work and coping with children.


My main topic in HR was Health and Safety, and doing this made me realise that I could adapt the skills I had to creating a safe and welcoming environment for my own children and could extend this to other mums and dads in the village where we live. 

I studied and gained my NVQ level 3 and became Ofsted Registered.  You can find my website at www.wendyschildcareservices.co.uk  

or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Wendyschildcareservices

or on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/wendyschildcareservices


From the outset as a childcare professional, I quickly realised that children responded best to subjects relating the wonders of the natural world.  Being lucky enough to live in a rural environment surrounded by woods and parks, I already knew how much I loved to explore nature and the countryside and the feeling of calmness and wellbeing I got from all it has to offer.  I guess it wasn’t surprising that the children were also at their happiest when I shared this experience with them. 


In my time as a Childminder, I have enjoyed caring for children of all ages from 5 months upwards, each with varying needs and development requirements. I introduce fun natural activities which co-ordinate with the Early Years Foundation Stage giving them the best chance to start school not only with confidence and independence but also with a sense of the world around them.


Outside of Childminding I love to travel.  My family and I have travelled to many countries checking out the different cultures and the beautiful scenery.  I also travel twice a year with friends where we try and include a little Hygge at the end of our day enjoying lovely food and warming hot drink at the end of our beautiful walks.