How I went from overworked anxiety ridden educator to leading with calmness, confidence and joy. Helping thousands of educators build a happier and calmer life too. 

Early Years Trainer, Author and Consultant 

Working with schools, settings and childminders around the world. 

Kimberley has worked in Early Years Education for the last 16 years as an early years teacher and leader. During this time, she has worked with leading Early Years professionals on longitudinal research contributing to the field of what high quality practice looks like. She has worked for the local authority in the Quality Improvement Team, lectured at Trinity University and is a regular conference speaker. Kimberley is the founder of KSEY Consultancy which is an international hub for supporting early years teaching, learning and inspiration. Supporting international practice in the early years. 


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Are you feeling as though you're almost at burnout with high levels of stress and anxiety?

Do you struggle to fall asleep at night as you lay there wishing you were a confident and inspirational early educator doing a job you loved while making an impact?

That was me!

Then one day, after travelling around Scandinavia I realised that it didn't have to be that way. My days didn't have to be at such a fast pace, rushing from one activity to the next, never getting to know the children, having a daily lunch date with the laminator and creating provision that ticked a box but didn't actually meet the children's needs.

I began to make changes to my provision, organising the clutter, calming it down by adding rugs and plants and generally creating a space that felt more homely. Setting up cosy nooks to sit and talk in. Feeling calm! Instead of getting a migraine from all the shiny laminated signs acting as wallpaper.

We made changes to our daily routine and slowed everything down. Tweaking our planning to make it more relevant and responsive. Gone were my weekends of sitting at a computer typing up a plan for something that would never happen. It was brilliant! I was getting my time back and had more freedom with my day. I didn't have to turn down a family bbq on a Sunday night anymore.

These changes all made a massive impact on the relationships I formed with the children, their levels of engagement and involvement during play and also their end of year data. 

The educators that I work with now are also seeing and feeling these fantastic transformations in their practice, leaving them feeling happier and more empowered with their work.

Take Janine as an example. She inherited a cluttered, chaotic environment that was over bearing on the senses, she's taken part in my training and you should see her environment now! Flexible seating areas, a beautiful dining table for children to eat lunch as a family, 

Or how about Emma? She was feeling like her team were drowning in paperwork which was taking their time away from the children. As a result of my training she's slowed her planning down and made it more around the child's needs, Now she reports her team want to come to work, they take ownership for the learning and resources. 

Here is one thing you can do today. Stand back in your provision and record down every time a child comes to ask you a question. After about twenty minutes analyse what these tell you as it will give you a great child's eye prospective on your learning environment. Perhaps you have many questions asking where things are? Then this tells you how you set it up to support independent learning.

As you're here with me now, well done! Hopefully you're beginning to see what my values and what I stand for. If you're wanting big changes in your practice then you're going to need guidance from someone that's done it. If you're going to need that help you're more than likely going to pay someone to help you. I would love it if that someone could be me! I don't know what would happen if you invested your money and time in someone else, they may not care as much as I do. 

If you're ready for the next level and would like someone supporting your practice then I would love it to be me!

If you join my Hygge Accreditation then after our first lesson together you're going to realise how easy it is to create purposeful and inspirational provision. Which will lead to higher levels of engagement and make you feel empowered to make an impact.

At the end of lesson 2 you're going to know how to manage stress and anxiety in your practice, by learning from an experienced early educator who's led her team successfully through challenging circumstances. 

I also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, I've created this fabulous training but if it doesn't quite fit you then I'll be glad to give you your money back.

Lastly, if your wanting something different to happen in your practice you have to do something different to achieve it, 

Are you with me?

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