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Storage Ideas

Jan 27, 2022
❓What does storage look like in your setting?
❓Do you work from your living room and pack away each night?
❓Or are you in a reception class where you’re looking at developing independence?
Here are some things to consider…
-Open shelving (IKEA Kallax is a great option and can often be found on market place sites) allows children to see what’s there and self select. Perhaps you could display books along with resources and little baskets or wooden bowls with objects of interest.
-Wooden crates are a very popular option too and can be used in such a versatile way. Try market place sites, amazon, etsy and asking friends who have just got married!
-Having more open ended materials allows for not only a variety of ages but encourages them to be creative and take the lead in their play. Meaning you actually need less resources as children create their own representations of experiences rather than having set pieces like a car garage that only...
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Child's Voice

Jan 26, 2022
I have seen lots of wonderful play sets up to explore birds in the last week for the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. 
As a teacher/ leader/ consultant I want to see and understand more than just a beautiful set up. Here are some thoughts to reflect on your practice: 
1. Why was the learning opportunity set up? Was this to introduce children to a new experience and used as a hook? Or was it set up in response to an interest/ curiosity/ a question a child had asked. 
2. I also want to understand the process of the learning that happened here. What direction has the learning began to take as a result of the children's interaction with it? How have you as an adult supported/ challenged/ been a partner in the learning? 
One way we can make the threads of learning visible is by adding child voice into the provision. This helps to document the journey the learning has taken. Making sure your provision is purposeful and meeting the...
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"I knew what they needed was someone to lead with love and by example, passion and time to be invested in them"

Jan 20, 2022

"When I first joined my setting at the end of 2018 was the first time I heard the word “Hygge.” I remember it took me a while to remember how to spell it, ‘Hoogah, Huggeh’ I could never get my head around it. We used to have a room dedicated to all things ‘Hygge’ and it was my favourite place in the nursery. The room only lit by the salt lamp, fairy lights and whatever cosy image was projected on the wall, a crackling fire, a calming underwater scene or even a forest with the sounds of rain and bird song. The diffuser always puffing out a gorgeous smell. No matter how busy I was I always had time to stop and appreciate how the ambiance of that little room made me feel. After around 6 months unfortunately the man who used to look after the Hygge room left for another setting and as time went on the Hygge room disappeared, something broke, someone took bits of it for a project they were working on and it was soon in a state of disarray and later...

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Hygge Case Study "Through teaching in my mixed Reception/ Year One class I felt lost between knowing in my heart what the children needed and pressures from SLT (OFSTED/school improvement support/LEA) to deliver the National curriculum."

Jan 17, 2022

Hygge Case Study by Natalie Carrigher

I began my Hygge in the Early Years Journey in January 2020 after 15 years in Early years, and 8 years in the same school (through special measures to good) I felt lost.  I was at a stage in my career where I needed ‘something’ but I had no idea what!  I still loved  working in Early years but felt my CPD had severely lacked in the past few years.   Through teaching in my mixed Reception/ Year One class I felt lost between knowing in my heart what the children needed and pressures from SLT (OFSTED/school improvement support/LEA) to deliver the National curriculum.  My practice had become segmented between the two curriculums, where I felt divided in  both my time and being able to provide a challenging learning environment for all children in my class.   I spent hours during evenings and weekends planning for both curriculums in great detail and  resourcing sessions. I would have all...

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'Feeling as though I wasn't good enough for the children.'

Jan 06, 2022

Finally, the right fit!

A Case Study from A Little Fascination, Australia

The pressure for perfection, within a one-size-fits-all model, left me constantly exhausted, stressed and feeling as though I wasn't good enough for the children.

Professional learning frameworks, community expectations, family expectations and government expectations all contributed to a sense of failure within me. To make a difference in the lives of the children, I wanted to enjoy my work again.

I believe in authentic resources and practice upcycling; I gradually shifted my approach towards more natural and unstructured approaches with resources. In addition to creating a sustainable learning environment, I wanted the environment to encourage child curiosity, engagement, and holistic growth.

A search for professional development opportunities led me to ‘loose parts’, which led me to discovering The Curiosity Approach and a concept called ‘Hugge’. I was intrigued, and I...

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Hygge Case Study: "I had lost the joy in my job"

Jan 04, 2022

By Little Chickens Childminding

I’m a childminder who works by herself, and after 10 years of childminding I had lost the joy in my job. My setting was full of all the usual colourful plastic, noisy light-up toys, separate baby toys and preschool toys all designed with one purpose in mind, colourful displays on the walls with the children’s identical craftwork. Outside was set-up with more laminated displays, and bright toys - the nursery look that seemed to be expected. I was feeling claustrophobic and overwhelmed with it all, the children weren’t even engaging with anything and were flittering between toys, not interested in the carefully laid out tuff trays. there would be a chaotic ‘mess’ at the end of the day. I was struggling to switch off when not working, the playroom wasn’t being used by my family, and it had become a separate entity within our home. I was feeling under pressure planning activities - my work, life, and home was completely...

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Hygge Case Study: "When Covid hit I knew I needed a new direction, focus and a renewed sense of worth"

Jan 04, 2022

By Louise Fleetwood Childminding

As a Childminder of eight years each Ofsted inspection brought new pressures to work harder, strive for better and produce even more paperwork to 'prove' how you were meeting every childs needs. I was spending my evenings and weekends writing up, documenting and preparing resources and had very little work life balance, or even enjoyment for the job anymore.

When Covid hit I knew I needed a new direction, focus and a renewed sense of worth. Through embarking on my Hygge journey I have brought the outdoors in, loose  parts and uninterrupted opportunity form the best parts of our play and outdoor picnics and adventures are a daily must. Over the past year I have noticed how physically capable my children have become, far more resilient and loads healthier than I have ever looked after. Each and every one of the children I care for now has a desire to get outside each and every day. Parents have thanked me for surrounding their children in nature...

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Hygge fits in perfectly with our child led ethos and in the moment planning

Dec 30, 2021

Hygge in the Early Years At Pownall Hall School

In April 2019, I introduced the Hygge approach into my home and felt the benefits instantly. I was therefore keen to introduce it into our nursery setting.

Hygge is about sharing and enjoying small moments together, every day. It is about slowing down, being together and building relationships.

At Pownall Hall School Nursery we believe in all the benefits that a Hygge environment brings. We have used the Hygge approach to create a Nursery environment that captures the feeling of cosiness, warmth and togetherness for all who enter into it.

Our Nursery is a calm space filled with cosy nooks, soft lights, warm textures and interesting objects to encourage curiosity and discussion. We bring nature inside and connect with nature outside daily.

We believe that wellbeing is key to our provision and our children are comfortable to have fun, explore or just snuggle down when they want to. Children should experience happiness and other emotions...

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"I sit by the window with a warm drink, looking out and watching for those first few flakes of snow to fall"

Dec 19, 2021

By Emma Thackray

I have always had Hygge embedded deep within me, I just never knew the name for it or how to describe it, other than “a love of being cosy”. 

My husband finds it amusing that in the winter months when snow is forecast, I sit by the window with a warm drink, looking out and watching for those first few flakes of snow to fall. The excitement in me rises as more snow falls. There’s just something so cosy about being in your nice warm house watching the snow lay outside isn’t there. 

Autumn and Winter have always been my favourite seasons, with a particular love of Halloween and Christmas, as that’s when I really feel cosy, calm and relaxed. 

However, since embarking on the Hygge in the Early Years Accreditation I have come to the realisation that Hygge can be experienced at any time of the year. It’s not all about the weather outside, it’s about the environment you create and the calm that you bring into your...

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"The ‘Hygge in the Early Years’ course has definitely been the tonic required by our nursery to help us grow stronger again after the strains of the covid pandemic."

Dec 16, 2021

This year at Kinderworld Day Nursery the staff team have embarked on a journey together studying for the Hygge in Early Years Accreditation. We started this because as the manager of the nursery I could see and feel how the covid pandemic has had such a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of many families, staff and children. As a team, we wanted to feel calmer, less stressed and happier. Coming myself from a very Hygge home (as my mother is Danish) and having grown up with the concept of Hygge and basing our nursery around this when we first opened 25 years ago, along with other Danish philosophies and what we called always called ‘home from home’, I was overjoyed to find this course so I could better share our ethos with my staff and the families that attend. I am so happy that finally Hygge is recognised outside of Denmark, as it is a way of life and can really only be embraced if everyone understands it and is on board with it- creating a culture of Hygge....

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