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8 Play Ideas with Dandelions

Apr 25, 2024

Dandelions are beautiful, fascinating plants! Attracting Bees and little hands a like. There is nothing sweeter than blowing a dandelion clock and making a wish! They're known for their bright yellow flowers that turn into fluffy, white seed heads. Despite being considered weeds by many, they have several interesting characteristics. For example, their seeds are dispersed by the wind, which is why you often see them popping up in unexpected places. Additionally, dandelion greens are edible and nutritious, containing vitamins A, C, and K, as well as calcium, iron, and potassium. Some people even use dandelion roots to make tea or coffee alternatives. Overall, they're resilient and adaptable plants that have found their way into folklore, cuisine, and even herbal medicine.

  1. Dandelion Biscuits

    Baking together is a lovely activity, working together and sharing what you have made.

  2. Dandelion Playdough

    Add dandelions to your homemade playdough mix for a spring dough.

  3. Loose Parts

    What can you create with a dandelion flower, stalk and leaves?

  4. Counting

    Use dandelion flowers for counting and sorting in size order.

  5. Potions - mud kitchen fun

    Add dandelions to your mud kitchen - can you make dandelion tea, or leaf soup? Or Dandelion flower buns perhaps?

  6. Threading

    Thread your dandelions into a weaving frame and watch them change from flower, to dandelion clock.

  7. Letter and number formation

     Can you form letters and numbers with dandelion flowers? Perhaps an O for Oliver?

  8. Rock painting

    Simply paint onto rocks with water. Or back up the dandelions in a pestle and mortar in the mud kitchen and use it as a natural paint? What happens to the water after a little while in the sunshine?

Tag me in your dandelion activities over on my social media channels - I'd love to see.


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