Autumn Nature Shelf

Sep 30, 2021

Setting up a seasonal space in your setting gives children the opportunity to connect with nature and deepen their understanding. Helping them also to be more present about the world around them and develop a love for nature. This is something we look at in great detail in the Wanderlust Child Nature Study Programme

Where to set up the nature shelf?

The nature shelf doesn't need to take up a huge amount of space in your setting. I have seen it be successfully implemented on a small window sill. It could be on a table, inside an up turned crate, a shelf on the wall or an a shelving unit. 

I like to position it in an area that flows between inside and out that offers that natural connection with the outdoors. If you have families visiting the setting too with their children consider where would be a nice space for them to pause and talk about what they can see?

What can I put on my nature shelf?

I like to include a range of open ended materials that young children can connect with. I also invite children and their families to contribute to this when they make an exciting discovery. Here are some ideas of what you might put on yours:

  • Tinker trays of collected treasures
  • Transparent containers of natural treasures
  • Books on nature (fiction and non fiction)
  • Seasonal small world figures
  • Child voice cards

Here are a few of the examples from my Wanderlust Members that will be shared at our Hygge in the Early Years Autumn Conference. 







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