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Baby Play 0-2 Months

Apr 14, 2022

As a new parent I have had many followers and lovely members ask about the resources and play ideas I have found most useful in my journey so far. In this new blog series I will share the start of my journey and some of the recommendations I have. None of the products shared are advertisements and I'm not linked to any of the brands in any way.

Tummy time roll
We have found using a tummy time roll great for supporting the babies development of their core strength. 
 Tummy time can also be done on a flat play mat or even on a yoga ball. 

To make it more fun we use puppets, mirrors, wrist rattles and black and white cards. 

Babies love to look in the mirror even if they might not realise it’s themselves that they are seeing. We provide a range of different mirrors to look in. From ones that show their whole body, to those hanging down from the activity gym. 
Black and white burp cloths
At this stage babies see contrasting colours as their vision develops. We have found having black and white patterned fabric and burp cloths great to have around. These ones in the photo are by Etta Loves. 
Black and white books are also great to share too! 
Hand puppets and finger puppets are good for helping young babies develop their visual tracking. We use them in songs and hide them behind our back and then move them around for baby to see. 

Musical instruments
Rain markers. shakers and drums are essential for developing babies auditory skills. We practise playing a sound and seeing if the baby moves their head towards it. We can also practice playing the instruments loud and quietly or fast and slow. 

You are the most important resource your baby has! From your interactions and talking about the day, pulling over exaggerated funny faces, singing songs and being their for cuddles and comfort. 
This provides such a fun sensory experience when baby realises that it makes a sound as they move their body.
Not just in the pram or sling but getting into nature. Holding the baby in your arms and talking about the wind on their face, naming the flowers they can see and smelling the herbs. I like to do this for short bursts in the day. 

In Scandinavia babies and toddlers nap outside all year round. Even on days as cold as -4 degrees! It’s not uncommon to see them snoozing away in prams outside busy cafes. With research showing us that it can promote better day time sleeping while also boosting the immune system and helping the body fight of germs.
 We use our projector as part of our bedtime routine and to bring some calmness into the day. It’s also great to use when we do some baby massage or yoga. 

Wanderlust Child Nature Journal

Capture all those wonderful moments of joy in nature. From the walks you take together, tummy time on the grass and barefoot moments. We like to update ours weekly with the adventures we’ve taken and share these together as a family. 
Sensory Materials
Voil, sheepskin and woolly blankets are all wonderful to feel with the whole body. We like to strip down to the nappy and let the whole body feel the material.
These are some of the board books we’ve been enjoying each day…
 Although still a tiny baby at this stage they are never too young to hear rich spoken  language. Before bed each night we take great joy in reading a poem out loud.
Wanderlust Child Print

Our Wanderlust Child Print is there to remind us of all the wonderful yet simple moments we want for our children. 

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