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'Feeling as though I wasn't good enough for the children.'

Jan 06, 2022

Finally, the right fit!

A Case Study from A Little Fascination, Australia

The pressure for perfection, within a one-size-fits-all model, left me constantly exhausted, stressed and feeling as though I wasn't good enough for the children.

Professional learning frameworks, community expectations, family expectations and government expectations all contributed to a sense of failure within me. To make a difference in the lives of the children, I wanted to enjoy my work again.

I believe in authentic resources and practice upcycling; I gradually shifted my approach towards more natural and unstructured approaches with resources. In addition to creating a sustainable learning environment, I wanted the environment to encourage child curiosity, engagement, and holistic growth.

A search for professional development opportunities led me to ‘loose parts’, which led me to discovering The Curiosity Approach and a concept called ‘Hugge’. I was intrigued, and I instinctively knew I must learn as much as possible. I had finally found a framework and approach that seemed to fit my vision for the early years. Whenever children are given the chance and scaffolding, they will reward us with an invitation into their imaginative and creative world. I believe children are individual, capable, and competent learners. They are naturally curious, active, and adventurous.

My self-motivation continued to grow as I participated in the Hygge Journey, and I was impressed by the endless possibilities resources without restrictions provided to the learning environment.

Following Kimberly's suggestions, I have implemented self-care strategies. I now feel more relaxed and prepared to face any challenges the day brings. I have noticed that the children are more relaxed, engaged, and willing to try new things since introducing wellbeing time into our routines and rituals.

As children have grown as individuals, they have been able to explore in a more curious manner, find creative solutions to calculated adventures, as well as express themselves creatively through natural and outdoor learning. As a result, my curriculum documentation has been changed to Daily Reflective Planning, which focuses on the next steps and development of each child according to his or her interests.

Our resources are repurposed from charity shops and donated by parents and the community. Children have shown greater respect for their surroundings by using open-ended and real-life resources. Currently, families comment on the 'warm' atmosphere and homey feel of the Hygge-inspired environment in which they learn.

My 'Hygge' journey continues as I unpack this new approach with children, educators, and families. As I embrace nature inspired pedagogical learning strategies, I will explore ways to incorporate both old and new practices. It is not the end, but rather the beginning of my journey towards creating a learning environment that reflects our community, offers children the opportunity to learn through agency, and simplifies the curriculum process so that children have more opportunities to learn.

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