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Getting Meaningful Literacy Outside!

Jun 22, 2022

I know that we don't do our job for Ofsted, but having themed outdoor adventure bags that provided meaningful literacy opportunities outside, contributed to our OUTSTANDING judgement!

It's not enough having some laminated letters or numbers on a fence, what we need outside is for Maths and Literacy to be so irresistible to the children that they don't realise they're learning. 

Thats why I created themed explorer rucksacks each with a different theme that allowed children to practice and use their skills in a wonderfully child led way. These explorer sacks may have been about going on a bug hunt and providing resources and equipment to support that interest: a map of the outdoor area, mini beast identification sheets, a sketch book, information book on bugs and a bug collector. 

Or how about a bird spotting back pack with bird identification cards, binoculars, books on birds and a tally chart to record sightings?

You can collect all your nature downloads here


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