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Hygge Case Study: “he real ethos of children’s learning was not strongly embedded enough to make a difference”

May 25, 2022

Where love lives by Stacy Peach


I have worked in a range of childcare settings since 2006, and have a vast range of experience, knowledge and qualifications but I always felt restricted by the red tape of the settings I was working in, they were target driven often with a checklist mentality where the real ethos of children’s learning was not strongly embedded enough to make a difference. The staff were often working long hours with very little resources which lead to ‘treading water’ and just making it through each day.


I feel strongly about children’s learning and I genuinely love what I do, I love whole heartiest making a difference to children and their families, I love seeing children risk assess, problem solve and really grow through their own unrestricted interested and I started the hygge accreditation to aline what I love and aspire to offer. With this in mind I have stepped away from the setting I was working in and I am currently taking some time out with my family to start my new journey.


After completing the hygge accreditation I have been inspired to open my home up and provide those nurturing unconditioned learning that my heart craves. I have loved looking at all of the different approaches and history that underpins hygge and I am in awe of ‘leaving the rat race’ of life and seeing where my new journey leads.


It has been refreshing to hear that we are only restricted by our own restrictions and thinking and actually childcare and education can be moulded in many different directions and does not have to be restricted or com-formative to the checklist mentality that we have been conditioned into using.


I love the running themes that make up the hygge approach bringing in aspects of forest school and the ethos of being outside and the inclusion of loose parts play which I am already in love with.


Going forward I will be looking at opening my home as a childminder and have just started the registration process, the elements of learning I like the most from this process will play a big part in my setting, from the layout and natural use of colour and materials and also loose parts play, the concept of Reggio and the use of mirrors and projectors really hit home with how to incorporate this within my own setting, being able to access the outdoors and enabling the learning experiences that the outdoors provides and I loved hearing about the generational movement and would like to look into how this could be incorporated into my setting going forward in the future.


I have loved taking part in this course and it has played a massive part of relighting the fire and passion I have when working with children and families.


Thank you so much

Stacy Peach

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