Hygge fits in perfectly with our child led ethos and in the moment planning

Dec 30, 2021

Hygge in the Early Years At Pownall Hall School

In April 2019, I introduced the Hygge approach into my home and felt the benefits instantly. I was therefore keen to introduce it into our nursery setting.

Hygge is about sharing and enjoying small moments together, every day. It is about slowing down, being together and building relationships.

At Pownall Hall School Nursery we believe in all the benefits that a Hygge environment brings. We have used the Hygge approach to create a Nursery environment that captures the feeling of cosiness, warmth and togetherness for all who enter into it.

Our Nursery is a calm space filled with cosy nooks, soft lights, warm textures and interesting objects to encourage curiosity and discussion. We bring nature inside and connect with nature outside daily.

We believe that wellbeing is key to our provision and our children are comfortable to have fun, explore or just snuggle down when they want to. Children should experience happiness and other emotions in an ‘emotionally safe’ and nurturing environment and our Hygge inspired environment promotes a sense of emotional wellbeing.

We choose activities such as toasting marshmallows to make us feel peaceful, cosy and connected with others. All of our activities are created using natural resources such as wood, stones, pinecones and homemade, scented playdough for example. It allows children to connect with nature and all things than are natural.

The benefits of Hygge reaches right across our physical, emotional and social health. This approach, based on togetherness, fits perfectly with our child led ethos and in the moment planning. On a daily basis, we plan with the children’s interests in mind as we recognise that if they are engaged with a theme, event of something they have seen then they will learn so much better.

We have a real sense of community in our Nursery and at Pownall Hall and we enjoy spending time together, giving our children’s early education a family feel. We embrace Hygge all year round, going for walks in nature, taking time over meals and making memories every day.

At the end of the week, we partake in Fika Friday. Fika is an old Swedish word that means to meet up, have cake, a warm drink and a chit-chat. We love to come together around our farmhouse kitchen table, which is decorated for interest, enjoying a drink, snack and chat. A beautifully social experience.

It is all about the atmosphere. We have indeed created something truly magical here!

Miss Judith Earl - Head of Early Years.


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