We don't want to say good bye to the Pine Marten

Oct 13, 2021

The Guardian reports that, "nearly half of Britain’s biodiversity has gone since industrial revolution." with a new study carried out by The National History Museum that shows the UK has lost more biodiversity than any G7 country, and is in the worst global 10%.

This shocking report makes us aware that the UK is one of the worst countries in the word at protecting and retaining the natural ecosystems of animals and plants. The Study points it's cause to the fact that the agricultural and industrial revolutions started in the UK. This caused woods and grasslands to be destroyed by machinery to create fields to grow single crops. As well as land being used for housing to increase the size of cities and towns. 

This has left many species that were once nation wide now close to extinction. They include the Scottish wildcat, pine martens, natterjack toad, turtle doves and many insects like the cicada. Many other species like the hedgehog are also under threat with dwindling populations too. 

I have created the Wanderlust Child Nature Study Programme and all the downloadable supportive material to help more adults and young children fall in love with the world around us and do our best to protect it. If the learning and immersion in nature starts from a young age then the love and protection for it will become a natural part of who we are and what we do. After all there is no plan b. 

You can download a free sample of the Wanderlust Child Nature (featuring Autumn Week 1:Owls) and find out my members top tips for making learning happen in nature here.



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