Nature Study: Raise a Wanderlust Child

A 52 week programme built around the daily rhythm and seasons. Helping educators and children create a deeper connection with nature.

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52 Weekly Nature Themes

Each week you will receive; Downloadable activity guides, nature fact sheets and songs and stories to support your practice. Alongside the Early Years Curriculum.

Deepen Your Knowledge

Instant access to 12 lessons on Nature Based Learning helping you understand the research and principles behind it. 

Strengthening Connections

Throughout the year our time saving programme will allow your children to connect with nature. Inspiring future generations to be explorers, adventurers and scientists. 

So what is Nature Study?

It's a 52 week programme looking at how we can connect with nature each and every day. Developing our own understanding as educators and also that of the children's. Organised around the natural rhythm of the seasons it offers opportunities to learn about wildlife, natural phenomena and the natural world around us. 

Offering ideas of ways to set up and support learning (on a budget as nature is free!!), songs to sing and sensory learning experience. 

Drawing on the approaches to Early Education in Scandinavia, Canada and Australia and offering a range of ideas in practice too!

Why is this approach needed?

With excessive screen time and many children (and adults!) spending increasing time indoors we are now known as the indoor generation. 

Lets take action and move away from this. Empowering our children to learn about the world first hand and make their own informed decisions around sustainable living. Which in turn will enthuse them about being adventurers, explorers and scientists. 

30 days money back guarantee 

A lot of effort and time has gone into creating our nature based training. However if you feel it's not right for you then we will happily offer a refund within 30 days of purchase. 

The Perfect Start

Start our Wanderlust Nature Study Programme with our 12 onlinelessons to support your knowledge and understanding on Nature Based Learning. Looking at these themes;

  • Theories on outdoor learning
  • Setting up your provision
  • Exploring how learning happens
  • Documenting through a nature journal
  • Setting up your nature shelf
  • Case studies of high quality practice
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What's Included?

One log in to access the online programme

Downloadable 52 weeks of planning around each season


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Record it all in the Nature Journal

(Not included)


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We will explore how learning happens and going with the flow and natural rhythm of the day and child interest. You will be able to download fact sheets and provision or read these in our full colour guides included in your purchase.

Weekly themes include;
Winter trees
Northern Lights

A4 Full Colour Print

Within the weekly topics;
A nature walk suggestion
Self-care for you
Recipe to try
Garden jobs
Things to collect
Book ideas
Provision and provocation ideas



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12 Iron On Wanderlust Child Patches to Collect

These iron on patches are just perfect to collect and iron onto your bags, book bags or even jackets!

Iron On

Iron our collectable badges on hats, jeans, bags, book bags or even a picnic blanket or throw!

Treasure Your Moments

Patches allow you to keep a record of all the memories and adventures you have!

How Many Will Your Child Collect?

Add to your collection with our limited edition patches!

Take Our 5 Day Free Nature Play Course

By the end of our training together you will be enthused to make learning happen outdoors and have a bank of knowledge and ideas on how to make it happen. Taking inspiration from Scandinavia.


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