Rewilding Your Wanderlust

A lifetimes access to the 52 week programme built around the daily rhythm and seasons. Helping educators and children create a deeper connection with wild and unstructured nature play.

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Simple, Wild and Calm

A new wild play nature programme is coming soon...


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What will the programme include?

The programme will be split into six sections. The first five sections will be video training to support your knowledge and understanding and then the final section will be digital and downloadable plans for each week of the year.

The Why of Wild Play

Mini sessions include: 

Nature deficit disorder, The Rushed Child, Theories and Approaches to  Nature Based Based Learning, Life Long Skills and Mental Health, Fear, Barriers to Getting Outside

How to Implement the Programme

Mini sessions include: 

Finding Your Wild, Simplifying Life and Slowing Down, Sparking the Imagination, Space to Daydream, Calmness (Behaviour Outside), Glimmers, Beginning the Joy of a Collection, Intergenerational Wild

How Learning Happens

Mini sessions include: 

The Power of Play Outside, Schematic Learning, Having Fun, Shared experiences in Nature , In this Moment, Barefoot Exploring

Embracing the Natural Elements

Mini sessions include: 

Water, Sand, Rocks

Wild Learning Environment

Mini sessions include: 

Wild Places and Micro Adventures, Your Outdoor Classroom, Linking the Outdoors In (Invitations to play), Resourcing, How Does Learning Happen with Limited Resources, Your Window, Learning Throughout the Day, Technology and Nature, Documenting Learning

52 Weekly Nature Plans

A hook to start each theme with the children.

Fact sheet for each page (link to wanderlust illustrations)

A moment of stillness (find your glimmer)

Have fun (Find the thrill)

Invitation to Play Inside

Invitation to Play Outside

Your Window

Nature Walk

Invitations to Create Stories Together

Alfresco Dining

Things to Collect

Self Care For you

Structures in Nature


Nature Shelf

Nearby Nature Ideas:

Wild Woodland

Wild Glassland (Moor and Meadows)

Wild Beach

Wild Water

Wild Garden

Wild City Life

The Night Sky


Key Features

Open your eyes to the wonder of nearby wild adventures and making learning happen as a result of it!

Video Lessons

Video lessons to inspire your love for nature and wilderness.

Planning Inspiration

Weekly planning to help you get outside into the wild. 

With opportunities for adventures in nearby nature: moorland, water, garden, woodland and in the city. As well as prompts for enjoying the night sky! 

Invitations to Play

Inspiration and set ups of invitations to play both inside and outside for those of you that require this support. 


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