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Baby and Toddler Nature Books

Jun 06, 2023

Let’s inspire our babies and toddlers to be nature lovers and explores. 

We are now known as the indoor generation with most families spending 98% of their days indoors.

It makes me so sad to think that so many babies and toddlers are experiencing less and less time in nature and miss out on the opportunities to move, explore and be free in the outdoors.

Time to day dream and dawdle (something toddlers love to do as they make sense of the world) are rushed through. Little chats together about the ladybird that was spotted on the walk to nursery are going. 

Busy schedules, long car journeys and screens have often replaced these moments we used to spend outdoors. 

If we’re not careful we will create a generation who have grown up being observers of nature without actually experiencing it first hand for themselves. Only ever seeing nature on a tv screen, a VR head set or tablet. 

As a parent I want my child to live life and not just view it through the filtered lense of someone else’s eyes. 

This begins with daily time outdoors as a baby, sharing books together about nature and showing them how much joy smelling a rose can bring. It’s about tuning in to the buzz of the bumblebee and pointing this out to them, or following their interest when they look into a puddle. It’s going out for a walk together and putting into words for a baby what the wind is and how it ruffles their hair. 

Thats why i’ve created The Wanderlust Nature Study programme to help other parents/early educators  inspire their children to be adventurers and explorers. You can find out morehere.

I have also set up a nature play baby and toddler book list for you here as well.

Let’s start early and spread our love of nature with our babies and toddlers. 

Kimberly x


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