Bringing Hygge To Your Home This Christmas

Nov 25, 2021

Hygge is all about embracing the simple moments in life with such warmth and comfort. Winter time offers us the perfect opportunity to make some seasonal changes to our home to create a calming and warm atmosphere. Getting that hygge feeling in our home is especially important when Christmas time can at times feel quite busy and chaotic with so much going on.

Here are my top tips for bringing some hygge into your home at this time of year.

Consider lighting

Turn off the overhead lights and instead be more creative with the way you light up your spaces inside. Go for lamps on tables, the warm flicker of a candle dancing , light the fire or adda string of fairy lights to jam jars to give  twinkle of magic. 

Some of the things that I loved seeing in Scandinavia were the lanterns filled with fairy lights on a porch creating a warm welcome to visitors. Or the paper stars hung in the windows to light the way on a dark night. It it snows you could even have a go at making some snow lanterns in your garden. 

Drape fairy lights around your room in different places: Around a window, a door frame on the mantle piece. 

Home- made

Hygge is all about having time together with those that make you happy. Why not have a winter craft afternoon and make some homemade wreaths out of willow that you can hang on your door.  A clay afternoon making tea light and candle holders? Some simple felted decorations or some home made decorations using nature. Not only will these decorations bring something unique to your home but when you look at them you'll remember all the fun moments you had in good company making these. 


You could even have a go at making your own Christmas cards or prints using spirograph. 

Add nature 

The Danes love to embrace the joys that each season bring. Why not go on a hunt for natural treasures: mosses, twigs, winter foliage and add these to the centre of your table or in jam jars with lights on a window sill. 

Pack away the technology

Have an evening without technology and instead get the games out! I like to have the Hygge Game out on a coffee table throughout winter to spark some interesting discussions. 

Fill your home with the smell of baking

Mince pies just out of the oven, a fun afternoon making a ginger bread man or a chocolate Moose! Not only will these add a personal touch to your home but you'll also create fun memories while doing these. They could even be a new family tradition!


 Include meaningful decorations on your tree

These could be decorations passed down from an elderly relative or something that made for you. Having a collection of unique decorations will make you smile and fill your heart with memories as you decorate the tree each year. 

Make a cosy space

Make a cosy space to read, journal or day dream out of the window. You could even include some enchanting objects like a snowglobe and soft throws and cushions. 

For more information on feeling hygge and see how it can impact your life then check out the Hygge in the Early Years Accreditation





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