Hygge Case Study: "When Covid hit I knew I needed a new direction, focus and a renewed sense of worth"

Jan 04, 2022

By Louise Fleetwood Childminding

As a Childminder of eight years each Ofsted inspection brought new pressures to work harder, strive for better and produce even more paperwork to 'prove' how you were meeting every childs needs. I was spending my evenings and weekends writing up, documenting and preparing resources and had very little work life balance, or even enjoyment for the job anymore.

When Covid hit I knew I needed a new direction, focus and a renewed sense of worth. Through embarking on my Hygge journey I have brought the outdoors in, loose  parts and uninterrupted opportunity form the best parts of our play and outdoor picnics and adventures are a daily must. Over the past year I have noticed how physically capable my children have become, far more resilient and loads healthier than I have ever looked after. Each and every one of the children I care for now has a desire to get outside each and every day. Parents have thanked me for surrounding their children in nature and have even begun reinacting our 'adventures' themselves replicating the photographs I send them.

Through the confidence the accreditation has given me we have also just completed our 1000 hours outside award using hygge methods and practices. I now have the confidence to describe to Ofsted (and my families) exactly what each and every one of my children needs, it is most definitely not all the paperwork but to follow their lead, carefully observe and meet them where they are at. Healthy, happy, thriving children!

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