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Responsive Planning

Nov 16, 2022

How do we slow down our planning and also plan our environment responsively?

This is something I share the exact steps to do in my slow planning guide availablehere

Below Abbie shares an example from her setting.

As the evenings have become darker, we have been sitting outside having our evening snack under the stars, our children have been fascinated by the moon! 

We created this provocation around the moon and space, our children came straight in to explore which we then extended on further.. Our children commented that it is dark in the night sky, so we added a thin blanket across this area to create a really cosy den with our fairy lights. Our indoor lighting is rarely used as our fairy lights and resources soften the atmosphere and really encourage awe and wonder for our children. 

I could really see this provocation enhancing children's learning and slowing down their play to become more present and really learn about their world. 

Our role as an adult is to show interest in their fascinations and sparks, not giving the children all of the answers but encouraging further discovery. I absolutely love creating little nooks and cosy areas, where children are completely engaged, fascinated and led by their own play. 

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