Autumn Leaf Play

Oct 12, 2022

Autumn time has to be one of my favourite times of the year. Having Oliver now makes it even more exciting too as I take a moment to stand back and watch him experience the world for the very first time.

We have loved getting outside each day and doing the same daily walk. It's lovely to just walk with Oliver in the sling and talk about all the things we notice each day and notice any changes. Doing this is very much inspired by the practice of the Danes with the daily walk children in early education do. When Oliver is old enough we will pick our favourite tree as well to document its changes as we move through the year. 

I also think it's important that we as adults take the time to just pause and appreciate the slow moments of joy in the day. We can't teach hygge and living well if we don't model it ourselves. I've built this into our daily walk and we will often find a little spot to just sit and watch what's going on. I love chatting away yet I feel that these times of quietness are equally important and so we often just watch the world in silence. 

On our walk yesterday we took great enjoyment in collecting up some of the fallen leaves and twigs. We then brought these back and I popped them in some water in our tuff tray outside. This created such curiosity around the way the leaves floated, our reflections in the water and being able to see the clouds too, the way the leaves felt in our hands once wet. I also added some pine cones and pebbles and we loved  dropping them into the tray and watching what happened to the water.

I hope that you can take some time to feel hygge outside with your little ones over the next few weeks!

If you need any inspiration in getting outside with your babies and toddlers do check our my short course here.

Kimberly x


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