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Buttercup Play Ideas!

May 30, 2024

Ah the fields are bright and yellow with the delight of buttercups! I have such fond childhood memories of spending time in the uncut fields near my house. 

Whilst the buttercups are appealing, please take care as they are toxic if eaten and it's always best to handle with garden gloves on to reduce the risk of skin irritation. 

Here are some simple Buttercup Activity Ideas that you can enjoy over the next few weeks....

1. Play hide and seek in the long swishy grass and buttercups

2. Choose a spot to just sit and observe them. Who visits them? How do they smell? Notice their shiny and reflective petals. How do you feel when you sit amongst these? Why not take a picnic?

3. Run free through a field of buttercups. Feeling the buttercups across your hands as you run. 

You might be wondering where all the fancy resource set ups and invitations to play are here. Have we missed them out of this blog post?


I often get asked ,'Am I not doing my job well if I don’t have lots of invitations to play set up for the week?’

Actually this is a sign you’re doing your really job well!

You’re waiting to see what your children are interested and fascinated in. You’re joining and supporting the child in that moment. Identifying their interests/ schematic play examples and moving learning on in that moment with the way your interactions support and challenge.

Sometimes you will plan an open ended provocation to challenge, extend or connect learning. This won’t always be a beautiful and expensively resourced set up. It can also be;

-An experience or event
-A visitor
- a book
- A Nature specimen (tadpoles, nests, flowers)

You’re letting the children lead and that’s key to making learning happen!

The quality of your teaching is not about the number of set ups you create in a week.

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