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Hygge in the Early Years ™

Hi there, i'm Kimberly Smith and I help early educators and parents feeling stressed and over worked by providing training, resources and guidance to feel calmer, balanced and empowered to teach and live well. Inspired by the Scandinavian way of living well- Hygge!




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Bring Hygge into KS1

Discover how you can make hygge work in Key Stage One.

Bring Hygge into KS1

Hygge in the Early Years

Built for early years providers: nurseries, preschools, Pack-a-way settings, childminders, Reception classes and Nursery classes

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Early Years Leadership Accreditation

Not every great leader is born – often great leaders are made. After our first month inside the the Leadership Accreditation you will be equipped with the insight and skills to step into any situation and radically improve your quality of life and teaching. Leading the Hygge way!

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Journals, Seasonal Planning Guides, Nature Study Cards and more. 

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Bringing Hygge into the Early Years is my brand new book! You can order a copy here and save 20% with code HEY20

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Founder of Hygge in the Early Years ™ 

Kimberly Smith has a passion for child-led nature-based learning and has worked in Early Years Education for the last 17 years as an early years teacher, leader and trainer. She has worked for the local authority in the quality improvement team, guest lectured at Trinity and Leeds Universities and is a regular conference speaker. Kimberly is now the founder of KSEY Consultancy, working with tens of thousands of educators around the world, to improve their wellbeing and quality of teaching.

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